Sixth Form



    Pupils at The Link Secondary School often choose to stay on after their Year 11 studies and join our Sixth Form in order to prepare for their adult lives. We also welcome pupils from other schools who meet our admission criteria. 


    The Sixth Form provides for pupils who wish to access mainstream courses and who continue to require support for their speech, language and communication needs. As with the main school, pupils are taught in small classes and are supported by experienced professionals to facilitate pupils' access to the curriculum and to ensure that their learning needs are met.


    A core academic curriculum is provided to all pupils in the Sixth Form, as well as travel skills, social communication, employability skills, and independent living skills. Speech and language therapy is an integral part of the Sixth Form provision.


    Pupil life in the Sixth Form is largely about the transition to adulthood. Pupils in the Sixth Form do not wear school uniform. They have their own learning and social spaces within the secondary school.


    Pupils work towards achieving qualifications in mathematics, English and ICT, which allow pupils to develop important skills for daily life and employment that they can apply to real-life situations.


    Our pupils also have weekly access to a variety of vocational courses offered at Nescot, our local FE college partner. The college is situated in Epsom, a short minibus trip from the school. Pupils attend the college courses appropriate to their level of ability and their interests.




    The Curriculum offer for Sixth Form pupils includes:

    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
    • Personal and Social Development
    • Art
    • Design & Technology
    • European Studies
    • Independent Living Skills
    • A College Vocational Placement (one day per week)

    16+ BURSARY


    The 16+ Bursary Fund provides financial help for young people aged 16 to 19 who face barriers to staying in education. It is available to all 16-19 year olds studying in school/academy sixth forms, college and training providers in England. There are two types of bursary available:


    (1) Bursaries of £1200 a year for the most vulnerable young people; and


    (2) Discretionary bursaries based on individual need, such as help with the costs of travel or equipment


    The 16+ teacher can tell you more and advise if you are eligible.