School Curriculum

    Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of our learners and to prepare them for the world beyond school. Every pupil has a timetable that reflects their specific requirements, with sessions delivered by subject specialist teachers and therapists.


    Year 7 pupils are taught in a supportive, nurturing class by a dedicated teacher who works collaboratively with subject specialists. Studies have shown the transition from primary to secondary school can be a difficult time for pupils and we aim to ensure all learners find the move exciting and positive. As the pupils gain confidence, their horizons are broadened in preparation for Year 8.


    In Year 8 and 9, subject specialists teach classes in the pupils' own classrooms, or in specialist facilities. Significant curriculum time is given to the core subjects. Mathematics, English and Science. Humanities, Design and Technology, Music, Art, ICT and other subjects provide the breadth pupils need. Like all schools, we endeavour to foster independent learning and a strong work ethos while supporting individuals through a range of structured personal development programmes.


    Year 10 and Year 11 pupils follow an individual curriculum that is designed to provide success in qualifications in subjects including Maths, English, Preparation for Work, ASDAN, Design and Technology, Art and Science.


    Pupils in 16+ have bespoke timetables that allow them to gain qualifications and skills as they prepare for the next steps after school life. They access local colleges and sports and leisure establishments as they build up life skills and work towards independence.


    Our subject specialist teachers prepare pupils for qualifications including AQA Unit Awards, BTECs and GCSEs, and can personalise the curriculum to suit the needs of individuals, allowing pupils to gain formal recognition for their learning. All pupils take time each week to reflect on their own learning and what they have achieved, and to set personal targets to guide them as they learn.