School Council

    As School Council representatives, pupils are actively involved in decision making within the school. This year they have given their input to several items including:

    • Saving money - the Council organised an assembly last term in which they suggested putting a code on all computers so that people could be accountable for how much work they send to the printer.
    • How the School could be better - this term, the Council organised another assembly in which they made a few suggestions as to how the school could be better. One of these suggestons was to have a 'film fest day' as a reward for positive behaviour which they had on Friday 21 October 2016.
    • Christmas Fair - two members of the PTA came to our last School Council meeting , and the Council are working on how they could help at the Christmas Fair on the 3rd December 2016
    • British Values - for the next School Council meeting we will be looking for suggestions as to how we could further implement British Values at our school.
    • Fundraising Activities - the School Council will also be coming up with suggestions for fundraising for the school and PTA