Our Team

    The Headteacher, Mr John Reilly, leads a team of ten full time and part-time teachers, an inclusion leader, two occupational therapists and an occupational therapy assistant, four speech and language therapists, a creative therapist, a counsellor, a school nurse and nine support assistants.


    We are a small school and have a comprehensive team to meet the diverse needs and well-being of our pupils. Therapy is at the core of our school and is what makes the Link a special school for our pupils and parents. Our therapists work in close partnership with the teaching and support staff and parents.

    Role Member of Staff
    Head teacher John Reilly
    Deputy Head Amanda Griffiths 
    Inclusion Leader Mandy Manson
    Therapy Leader Carolyn Jones

    Horticulture                                                                                              Languages

    Year 7 
    Year 8 & Humanities
    Year 9 & Engish
    Year 10 & Food Technology
    Year 11 & Art
    16+ Tutor

    Sarah Cole
    William Walker                                                                                          Dominique Delhalle
    Vera Burch
    Lynn Shah
    Antony Lipski
    Bethany Corrie
    Charlotte Prince
    Karen Lambert
    Kinga Oliver
    Jack Gration
    Special Support Assistants Maria Carberry
    Lillian Chow
    Sarah Emberson
    Claire Ezeh
    Pauline Huthwaite
    Jolanta Jaisewicz (maternity leave)
    Fiona Oldam
    Sarah Smitherman
    Yrina Sullivan
    Speech and Language Therapists

    Carolyn Jones
    Charlotte Yeung
    Alison Hilliard
    Charlie Birkbeck (maternity leave)           Clare Chance

    Occupational Therapists Jo Davis
    Katja Moisio 
    Fiona Oldam (Assistant)
    School Counsellor Paul Martin
    Creative Therapist Emily Satheesh (maternity leave)
    School Nurse Mary Wingrove
    Site Manager Graham Harris
    Cleaner/Caterer Janet Terry
    Cleaner Debbie Thorpe
    School Secretary Karen Hayward